I wanted to share a personal experience I had lately with you. We bought a new bed, and received a free Tempurpedic $100 pillow with our bed complements of the furniture company who delivered our new bed. When I opened the pillow it smelled very chemical, so much so that I put it outside on the back patio to “air out”. Then after the smell was gone put a pillow case on it and put it on our bed for my husband to sleep on. He started complaining of headaches. So I switched pillows and his headaches stopped.

Months later I cleaned out our pillows and blankets and sheets to pare down and donate when I found this nice pillow in the cupboard, so once again I put a pillow case on it and decided I would use it (forgetting it was the same pillow that gave him headaches). A month later I was displaying symptoms like: headaches, low energy, not feeling good, ears feeling funny, sinus issues, severe eye twitching, random crazy symptoms that seemed to make no since or be related. I thought maybe it was menopause and hormone imbalance, or digestive issues or allergies, I wasn’t sure but I knew something was going wrong. At one point because of rapid heart beats, I wondered if I was experiencing heart problems or was going to have a heart attack!
Then one night I decided to sleep in the guest room for a night, and suddenly felt much better, so I slept in there another night. Then it clicked! It was that damn pillow! So I took it off the bed immediately and threw it away. My problems left with that temperpedic pillow. I researched it and those pillows are chemically treated with fire retardants, then I remembered reading an article or watching a news report a while back about infants dying when their mothers were laying them on coach cushions and they were breathing these chemicals!
I still don’t know why in the world our pillows, cushions, bedding and things would be treated with a chemical that is harmful to the body, when we are in contact with them 8 hours a day to sleep and then however long people sit on their couches and watch TV. But I did want to share this story with you so you know and can consider this when making new furniture purchases!
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