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INTRODUCING PAULA: Paula Lenz Kerr is a Life Coach & business Coach. She Studied Gen Business at Boise State University. She quit corporate in 1992, and started her own massage therapy practice. She spent 25 years working to rid peoples bodies of pain as a sports massage therapist. She worked in Chiropractors offices, in spa’s and salons, went to sporting events, did corporate wellness days for Micron, HP, and other Boise area corporations. she owned her own massage therapy clinics, and run other various businesses (tanning salon, manicure/pedicure business, real estate business), all while practicing massage therapy. What sets her apart from other coaches is her 30 year background in self employment and owning lots of businesses. Her FORMAL COACHING EDUCATION at And her experience in business. She knows business skills.

Is your online business built on quicksand?

Well Hillary Weiss Copywriter and Digital Business Critic has hit it out of the ball park on this article in my opinion as a business coach.

People always seem to be looking for a “quick fix” or thinking they are “smarter than everyone else”.  This article “8 Observations from a crumbling niche-and how to avoid getting crushed” […]

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Is your elimination as good as it should be? (yes we are talking about poop!)

Digestion and elimination are one of the most important things when it comes to our health.  So I am going to break the taboo of poo, to help you understand what is healthy and what is not when it comes to your elimination.

Remember food is fuel (not entertainment), so the quality of fuel you put […]

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Did you know the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century will be July 27?

Although this eclipse of the moon will not be visible from Boise ID (where I live) it is the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century with totality lasting 103 minutes! For more info go here.  Just as you search for a flashlight when the power goes out…This is the perfect time to find your […]

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Why is the American economy suffering?

Recently I read the book “Entrepreneurial  Strengths Finder”

Here is a partial summary of what I read and how we can solve America’s economic problem:
Thoughts from the book “Entrepreneurial Strengths Finder”:

Innovators are thinkers
Entrepreneurs are doers

Innovators come up with ideas, and
Entrepreneurs Say:

Can we sell it?
Exactly who is the customer?
What miracle does it provide the […]

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Do you really have to do 100 videos on facebook to be successful online?

Lately I have seen tons of people rising to the challenge of doing 100 videos online to “get out there”.  The whole thing makes me laugh.  First of all as a business coach I would ask:

Is your business audience even on facebook? Maybe it is on linkedin if you are B2B? (It’s important to […]

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Is your client coach able?

A client coach-ability index will measure two things:

Is the client willing to learn  (absorb) and
Is the client willing to accept change (apply).

Willingness to change can be summed up in one sentence:  What are you willing to give up or do differently in order to put this new information to work in your life?  If […]

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Is everyone you meet a life coach?

Recently I read this article by Adam Smiley Poswolsky – The problem with life coaches.

And I am observing the same thing locally.  EVERYBODY is a life coach, and I guess anyone can be due to our lack of regulation currently in the industry.  So then the question becomes…


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Are you being erotic with your partner?

Erotic is -Are you giving the best of you, or are you giving what’s left of you to your partner when you get home? ~Ester Perel

Boom-huge reality check!

I love Ester Perel.  Who is she? Esther Perel is a Belgian psychotherapist notable for exploring the tension between the need for security (love, belonging and closeness) and the need for freedom (erotic […]

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What are you producing, creating, contributing?

Want to end poverty? (yes really)

Watch this 38 min video by Marie Forleo interviewing Leila Janah:

Cheers to your success,

Biz Coach Paula


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What once kept you safe, now drives you insane…why we are not equipped for the 21st century and mental health

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