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INTRODUCING PAULA: Paula Lenz Kerr is a Life Coach & business Coach. She Studied Gen Business at Boise State University. She quit corporate in 1992, and started her own massage therapy practice. She spent 25 years working to rid peoples bodies of pain as a sports massage therapist. She worked in Chiropractors offices, in spa’s and salons, went to sporting events, did corporate wellness days for Micron, HP, and other Boise area corporations. she owned her own massage therapy clinics, and run other various businesses (tanning salon, manicure/pedicure business, real estate business), all while practicing massage therapy. What sets her apart from other coaches is her 30 year background in self employment and owning lots of businesses. Her FORMAL COACHING EDUCATION at And her experience in business. She knows business skills.

Which salt do you use?

The salt you choose can have a big impact on your total health and well being!  A while back I switched from regular white Morton salt to pink Himalayan salt.  I am always looking for better substitutes for things I eat to constantly and never endingly improve my health.

Here are some things I have noticed from […]

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A quote by Walt Disney

We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make movies. ~Walt Disney

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Awareness is bliss!

Is your desire to be healthy driven by fear of being fat or ill? There is a huge difference between running from something fearful, and moving toward something with joy.  Here’s how to shift gears regarding your health!
Enter the door out of fear and into BLISS
Cheers to your health,

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How to fix an employee engagement problem (and it’s not their fault, it’s yours!)

Are you proud of what you do?
Are your employees proud of what you do?
When your customers do business with you, do they think they are participating in something special?
Does your company have a cause?
Maybe it should!
Isn’t it time we all “engaged”?  Here’s how…
click here for the full article from Gallops workplace jedi.

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Transforming Body Image

After 25 years of doing body work as a sports massage therapist, I have listened to people talk about being at war with their bodies.  How they hate this or hate that about their own figures.  Not to mention girlfriends having conversations about nipping this or tucking that, or losing weight, or dieting.
Isn’t it about […]

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Have you ever fallen? Having a pity party?

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You can have it all, here’s how!

Well said Dear Gabby

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Howie on mental health

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How to have a successful day/life

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What do Tony Robbins, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga, and most successful people have in common?

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