Hi I am Paula.  I have been a business owner since 1992, so I do understand your pain.  Because I know how hard it is for business owners to build a practice (which is why most of them work for someone else at a much lower hourly rate), I have decided to become a business coach in the alternative health and fitness industries: I have business coached yoga studio owners, dance studio owners, chiropractors, counselors, psychologists, realtors, and attorneys all to build their practices.
I studied general business at Boise State University, and I have gone to www.ccui.com for my coaching education.  So you are in good hands.  I hope you come to my blog regularly as I begin to post things I want to share with you to help you make your practice more successful and profitable.  Please share with me your challenges, so I can post articles to help you and others like you who come to learn and grow their practices as well.
Cheers to your business success!
Business Coach Paula

As a business coach I specialize in helping business owners work in the alternative health care and fitness industries to be successful business owners.

  • Business Coaches help their clients learn skills.
  • I can help with the following:
    lead generation
    conversion from prospect to client
    putting follow up systems in place
    practice building
    computer skills
    Moving toward your vision
    Improving efficiency
    Organizing spaces
    Incorporating wellness
    Life balance techniques
    Time management
    Behavior management
    Optimum health
    Improving relationships
    Communication skills
    Entrepreneurial development
    Executive development
    Personal foundations and Achievement
  • Business coaches typically focus on maximizing potential and unleashing capability.
  • Business coaches help their clients succeed in their lives.
  • Business coaches help their clients learn Marketing.
  • Business coaches typically focus on maximizing profitability

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