Since we all need mentors and people who lift us up in life, I have been looking for someone with a system to take my business to the next level.  And it is so hard to tell who is real from what my son would call “posers”.  When it comes to “online guru coach & mentor sorting” here are some ways to tell the authentic from the snake oil.

  • Is the person getting desired outcomes in their own business?
  • Are their clients getting results?
  • Is this person getting results by using the methods that they preach? or are they using their own method and selling something different to clients?
  • Is this person giving you only one small piece of the puzzle, or are they giving you a step by step to success and allowing  you to follow in their footsteps?
  • Does this person provide ongoing support to help you implement these steps into your own life or business?  As I always say “information is just entertainment without implementation”

So if you are looking for true transformation and not just information follow these steps to help you sort who to work with and get the results you desire!
Cheers to your success,
Coach Paula