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Use this to Brain Wash Yourself


Quote: If you are not being defined by a vision of the future, then you are left with the old memories of the past and you will be predictable in your life.  Joe Dispenza
Have you ever wondered why you do the same thing day in and day out?  Have you ever felt frustrated at yourself, […]

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Why is everyone writing a book?

Just so you know…Leisure reading in the US is at an all-time low according to the Washington Post

So why is everyone I know writing a book?

Is it trendy like Swing Dance was in the 90’s?

Is it that self publishing has become so easy, and cheaper?

Is it because of the idea “anyone can do it”?

Do they […]

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Is your online business built on quicksand?

Well Hillary Weiss Copywriter and Digital Business Critic has hit it out of the ball park on this article in my opinion as a business coach.

People always seem to be looking for a “quick fix” or thinking they are “smarter than everyone else”.  This article “8 Observations from a crumbling niche-and how to avoid getting crushed” […]

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Why is the American economy suffering?

Recently I read the book “Entrepreneurial  Strengths Finder”

Here is a partial summary of what I read and how we can solve America’s economic problem:
Thoughts from the book “Entrepreneurial Strengths Finder”:

Innovators are thinkers
Entrepreneurs are doers

Innovators come up with ideas, and
Entrepreneurs Say:

Can we sell it?
Exactly who is the customer?
What miracle does it provide the […]

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Do you really have to do 100 videos on facebook to be successful online?

Lately I have seen tons of people rising to the challenge of doing 100 videos online to “get out there”.  The whole thing makes me laugh.  First of all as a business coach I would ask:

Is your business audience even on facebook? Maybe it is on linkedin if you are B2B? (It’s important to […]

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Is your client coach able?

A client coach-ability index will measure two things:

Is the client willing to learn  (absorb) and
Is the client willing to accept change (apply).

Willingness to change can be summed up in one sentence:  What are you willing to give up or do differently in order to put this new information to work in your life?  If […]

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Is everyone you meet a life coach?

Recently I read this article by Adam Smiley Poswolsky – The problem with life coaches.

And I am observing the same thing locally.  EVERYBODY is a life coach, and I guess anyone can be due to our lack of regulation currently in the industry.  So then the question becomes…


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What are you producing, creating, contributing?

Want to end poverty? (yes really)

Watch this 38 min video by Marie Forleo interviewing Leila Janah:

Cheers to your success,

Biz Coach Paula


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Podcast or streaming video?

What is alike about them?

Both refer to audio and video files
both can do music, movies, lectures, advertisements, anything you can imagine.
both require an internet connection, to get them to a viewers screen.


So how can you tell the difference?

Streaming requires a live internet connection, and you must be in front of your […]

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What is your plan for 2018?

Happy New Year.
Many people in business think they should only have a business plan if they are going for financing for their business.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!

A business plan is just that…”a plan for your business”.  It should be reviewed annually at a minimum, and maybe even quarterly.  Business plans get your […]

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