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Have you ever fallen? Having a pity party?

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You can have it all, here’s how!

Well said Dear Gabby

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Howie on mental health

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How to have a successful day/life

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But what should I eat?

All my life I have struggled with my weight being too high.  I have been told what NOT to eat, exercise more, eat less.  Don’t eat fat, don’t eat carbs/starches.  Don’t eat sugar or white flour.  The list goes on.  Watch your portion sizes.  Count calories; but is a calorie from a candy bar the same as […]

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What are neurotransmitter disruptors? And how do they keep me fat?

While going through the Nutrimost to lose 33 lbs of fat (not muscle) off my body.  I was educated about neurotransmitter disruptors.  More about those later, but for now my story…
I was so tired of “eating right” and “exercising” to lose weight, and not being able to take off  the pounds!  I didn’t know why I […]

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Why eat local? Why eat organic?

Between reading the book “French women don’t get fat”, watching Idaho Public Television’s Outdoor Idaho episode “Eating Local” and my own experience with losing 33 lbs recently by “getting the toxins out” of my body.  I am convinced local organic and non toxic is the way to go.
Do you think organic is too expensive? A […]

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"Busy" is such an overused word

It seems now days when I ask people how they are, the most common word I get in return is “busy”.  The word busy just conjures up so many things in my mind like…
Why are so many people so busy?
What are they busy doing?
Are they getting anywhere being so busy?
Does having a busy life make […]

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Are you suffering from Burnout?

Here are the 12 Stages of Burnout

The Compulsion to Prove Oneself; demonstrating worth obsessively; tends to hit the best employees, those with enthusiasm who accept responsibility readily.
Working Harder; an inability to switch off.
Neglecting Their Needs; erratic sleeping, eating disrupted, lack of social interaction.
Displacement of Conflicts; problems are dismissed, we may feel threatened, panicky and jittery.
Revision of […]

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Find a better substitute!

My new health policy is to find the worst health habit I have and go on a mission to find a better substitute.
For example if drinking diet soda is your downfall, find something you enjoy drinking in its place that tastes better to you.  This was my fiancee’s challenge.  So I bought cola flavored stevia […]

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