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Are you eating enough vegetables?

I know I know, you have probably heard this question all your life!  First your mom would ask you, and now anyone who helps you with your health asks you.  But the bottom line is a lot of people don’t like vegetables!  So what can you do to feel good and to make sure you […]

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Eliminate these two ingredients from your diet to be healthier!

There are two ingredients that are currently in our food, in fact in 80% of our food that are causing our bodies to be unhealthy.
Partially Hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup.
I believe partially hydrogenated oils are causing artery damage and then cause heart problems.  And I believe high fructose corn syrup is causing diabetes.
By […]

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Are you exhausted?

Recently I have ran into a lot of people who seem to over commit themselves on a regular basis. If you are someone who has too much on your plate, maybe you should check a few things:
Could it be that you don’t have healthy boundaries?
Do you tell people “no”? ever? or at least when it […]

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Never be without your business cards!

Time and time again I ask someone for their business card and they say they don’t have one on them!  This is a big mistake, because now they have lost an opportunity to market their practice.  So put cards in your wallet, your purse, your work out bag, your car, your office (you get it), […]

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Focus on your health

An introduction video-Meet Paula

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The most important to your body is oxygen!

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What happens when we don’t drink enough?

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Health from the perspective of your mindset

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Depression-my personal philosophy

Yeah, I can relate….I have had times in my life when my “get up and go” actually got up and went.My belief about that is this… (which by the way is almost always not the worlds belief or our medical care systems belief).Here is my theory: Depression is our body’s physiological response to a decision […]

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DEATH~Are you living or dying each day?

Watched a pbs special on death and dying.
I believe death is a natural part of life.  We are all going to die.  And yet we spend so much time fearing it, and avoiding death, to the point we forget to live.
No matter what we are doing (living or dying), we need to experience joy and […]

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