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What happens when we don’t drink enough?

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Health from the perspective of your mindset

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Depression-my personal philosophy

Yeah, I can relate….I have had times in my life when my “get up and go” actually got up and went.My belief about that is this… (which by the way is almost always not the worlds belief or our medical care systems belief).Here is my theory: Depression is our body’s physiological response to a decision […]

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DEATH~Are you living or dying each day?

Watched a pbs special on death and dying.
I believe death is a natural part of life.  We are all going to die.  And yet we spend so much time fearing it, and avoiding death, to the point we forget to live.
No matter what we are doing (living or dying), we need to experience joy and […]

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Unacceptable Behavior~Why are we tolerating it?

A few weeks back I was observing all kinds of unacceptable behavior.  Visited a friend in the hospital who had a heart attack and his ex-girlfriend came into the room saw me there and treated him like crap….I could see his heart monitor speed up.  wow!  Now why would someone do that to a man […]

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What is Truvia?

Lately I have been wondering about all these sugar alternatives.  People tell me that Splenda is good because it is made from sugar.  We have sugar free, fat free, and guilt free everything.  But if it is fat free sour cream…I can’t help but think…”then what the heck is in it?”.
Some of these alternatives for […]

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Standards and boundaries in relationships and business

This is an article written by Teresia LaRoc after interviewing me 5 or so years back when I was in her sassy and savvy group of women that I thought was worth sharing again:
After our last Sassy Conversation, Paula Kerr found herself approaching life with a new perspective. When she started thinking about her standards […]

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Mindset & Silence

Lately it seems mindset & silence have been high in my consciousness.  I read the book Think and Grow Rich, and participated in a mastermind group for a while.  I have read Change your Mind, Change your life, and now I am receiving emails on mindset advice all over the place.  I don’t know if this is […]

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Negative thoughts? Just Shift!

Ok the other day I was having a really hard time with my thoughts/attitude!  Everything that was happening between my ears was negative thinking!  Yes, me….life coach Paula.  I thought man I can hardly stand this anymore.  If I had a coach I would have called her!  Oh yeah I am the coach…so I decided […]

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A goat?

When I arrived at the party I could not figure out for the life of me what was in the yard?  As I walked closer it made a “nah nah” sound.  Is that a goat?  What in the world is a goat doing in my friends front yard?  About that time my friends husband opened […]

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