What if it is your technology use?  Radiation from wireless devices are causing more health problems then ever before.  But what can we do about it?  

Last night I went to a local movie theater to watch “Generation Zapped” a documentary to educate the public on how our technology is affecting our bodies.  I learned a ton about what could be making me feel so crappy even though I eat clean, do my best to lower my stress levels, exercise, and etc.

It was absolutely eye opening.  There was a panel of experts, biologists, electricians, and citizens who want to know more and a discussion following the documentary showing.

I learned plenty about how to protect myself, and my family by making some very simple changes in how I use my technology and how it is set up in my home.   

Here is the list:

  • Turn the bluetooth function off on all devices when not in use.
  • Turn off devices and wi-fi routers at night.
  • Put devices in airplane mode whenever possible
  • Place personal devices outside the bedroom at night and at least 12 fee away from work spaces.
  • Do not charge any devices in the bedroom at night because of dirty electricity exposure.
  • Work off-line whenever possible and use wireless only when needed for sending/receiving emails, internet searches, etc.
  • Use speaker phone, hollow-tube or air-tube headsets for cell phone calls.
  • Never place an active device on the body-not on laps, in pockets, or bras.  Instead, always carry transmitting devices in the back pack or purse.
  • Use a landline! Transfer your calls from your cell phone to your landline.  Note the base station of cordless phones, know as DECT phones, emit radio frequency radiation 24/7.  They  should be replaced with corded phones.  If you choose to keep a cordless phone at home it should be in it’s base all the time.  Not having the phone in the base increases RF radiation emission.
  • Avoid smart home gadgets such as wireless alarms, Amazon Alexa, etc.
  • Avoid smart toys and wireless devices for infants, toddlers and children.  Use wired baby monitors instead of wireless ones. Put devices in airplane mode before giving a child to play games.
  • Call your department of public works to opt out of your “smart meters”.
  • Avoid taking your phone in metal enclosures such as elevators, cars, buses, trains and planes as they act like a faraday cage and amplify the radiation.
  • Download and use your social media and text messaging apps on your hard-wired computer, instead of a mobile device.
  • Use a wired keyboard, wired mouse and printer, with wifi antennas turned off.
  • Change your wireless networking system to a powerline networking system for your computers.  You still need to use a wifi router but you can be hardwired through your power lines.
  • Be mindful of second-hand radiation exposure of others when using your mobile devices in active mode.


You may wonder as I did what difference you phone will make in airplane mode as I did:  Here is a video to show you!

I also wondered “When Should I Use Airplane Mode On My Phone?


Cheers to your health (and live balance!),