Lately I have seen tons of people rising to the challenge of doing 100 videos online to “get out there”.  The whole thing makes me laugh.  First of all as a business coach I would ask:

  • Is your business audience even on facebook? Maybe it is on linkedin if you are B2B? (It’s important to get in front of people who match your target audience or Avatar)
  • Aren’t you building a business on a platform you don’t own? (facebook owns your video content for go lives so you are building their business, not yours!)
  • Have you considered the video will eventually roll down the page never to be seen again?  (so how many people will really see it, and will you ever be able to find it again if you want to?)
  • Do you even want to use video to market your business?  (There are lots of other ways you may be more comfortable with, that actually get done if doing videos scares the crap out of you, maybe you would rather write a blog? or speak?)
  • And if you don’t really have a niche yet, and you jabber on about different topics that are totally unrelated (which is annoying your friends because they may not be the right people for your business), not to mention you will ruin your business reputation jabbering about unrelated topics and people think “I wonder what she is going to talk about today? I don’t have time for this!”.  Here’s my rant: STOP PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS TO YOUR FRIENDS…ASK THEM TO LIKE YOUR BUSINESS PAGE INSTEAD, AND THEN PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS ON THAT PAGE AND NOT YOUR PERSONAL PAGE!  This way people who are not interested in what you have to sell are not inconvenienced.
  • Do you even have a niche carved out yet? Having a niche first is necessary to make sure you know “who you are talking to” in your videos and what you are talking about (topics important to your niche audience/avatar).
  • Topics of articles, videos, or whatever you choose to do to “get out there” should be related to your niche audience and be things that help them! (this is not about you).

So when you hear, you will “get out there” if you do 100 live videos, well it’s just bull^&*!  (I am going to go find the person who mislead everyone, and go beat them up now).  JK 🙂

What you should do is pick marketing activities you like (so they will get done), do these activities in front of the right audience (go where your people are), do it on a platform you own (your own website),  use social media to drive traffic to your site, and most of all BE CONSISTENT (show up regularly).  If you need some help getting on the right track, hire a business coach.

And if you really want to “get out there” realize you can’t do what everyone else is doing, you have to do something different and unique to yourself and your business, the idea is to “stand out” not do what everyone else is doing!

Cheers to your success,

Biz Coach Paula