Well Hillary Weiss Copywriter and Digital Business Critic has hit it out of the ball park on this article in my opinion as a business coach.

People always seem to be looking for a “quick fix” or thinking they are “smarter than everyone else”.  This article “8 Observations from a crumbling niche-and how to avoid getting crushed” is a great “self check” for online entrepreneurs.  Are you building your business on quicksand?  Read it and you decide!

There is no short cut to millions…well maybe once, but not LASTING MILLIONS.  Unless you build your business on a firm foundation, while respecting your clients and serving up value.   If you have selfish goals in mind, your empire is doomed.

True LASTING success is always given to those who have paid their dues.

I don’t know about you but I want lasting success, made by treating people right, and feeling good about myself along the way!

Cheers to your success,

Biz Coach Paula