Isn’t it about time we made peace with our bodies?  I realized I have been at war with my body most of my life.  Why didn’t it look or behave the way I wanted it to?  Why did my body not look like the fitness magazines?

When I was about 24, I was exercising 6 days a week, not eating enough and trying to fit into a size 7.  I remember being so obsessed about what I looked like.  I was attending BSU at the time and my husband got so sick of it, he told me to go to BSU and sit outside of the business building and watch people coming in and out and to look at the general population and their bodies.  He told me I was comparing myself to the fitness magazines I was subscribing to.  It never even occurred to me until then.  So I did what he said and realized I was not so bad after all.

It took me many years and I still am working on making peace with my body.  Let’s face it, as women our body is constantly morphing, if we are not going through puberty, we are going through pregnancy, then post pregnancy, then menopause.   Our bodies change numerous times throughout our lives.  Not to mention all the media and press that puts pressure on women to look like a Victoria Secret model.
A few years ago I saw the Movie Embrace by Taryn Brumfit.  If you haven’t seen it, and you are learning to make peace with your body, you should consider seeing it.

Embrace the Documentary

I have now started a group on Facebook called “learn how to love the body you’re in”.

Come join us and learn some tips on how to move toward making peace with and learning to love your body too!

Cheers to your health,