Paula Lenz Kerr

Hi I am Paula Kerr. I am a business coach. I received my education in business starting at Boise State University in Boise Idaho. I spent ten years working for corporate America, but I wasn’t happy. So I decided to do what I love, quit corporate in 1992, and started my own massage therapy practice. Health and fitness has always been my area of passion, and I spent the next twenty two years being a Sports Massage Therapist and working to rid peoples bodies of pain, rehabbing them from injuries, working with Chiropractors, working in spa’s and salons, going to sports events, doing corporate wellness days for Micron, HP, and other area corporations, owning my own massage therapy clinics, and running other various businesses (tanning salon and massage clinics), all while practicing massage therapy.


In 2003 I hurt myself (tore my left lateral rectus abdominal muscle) and had to have surgery the surgeon told me I should not do massage therapy anymore, so I started looking for a new occupation. I grieved not doing massage, it was what I loved, and it was a rough road for the next ten years trying to transform into what I wanted to do next, because I had already done what I loved and was passionate about for years.

I didn’t want to quit doing massage therapy, so I continued to dabble in it for way too long. Then it finally dawned on me….

what if I could teach other massage therapists and practice builders what I had learned over the past twenty two years while building my business? Some of them seemed to be struggling, or having to work for someone else rather then for themselves.

Why was I so successful for so long?

Then I realized I had the business skills, marketing skills, and ran my business like a business. What if I could teach this to others in my field? I could help them be more successful! After all helping people is what I really enjoy most!


Most recent projects: Earning money without a job/Four hour work week/ and creating passive online income.