What is alike about them?

  • Both refer to audio and video files
  • both can do music, movies, lectures, advertisements, anything you can imagine.
  • both require an internet connection, to get them to a viewers screen.


So how can you tell the difference?

  • Streaming requires a live internet connection, and you must be in front of your computer with a fast connection (unless you want to watch it constantly loading), because it delivers it piece by piece, as you watch a piece, another one is being loaded while the old one is being discarded.
  • Podcasting is mobile. It can be downloaded in one big chunk and listened to off line. After it is on your computer, you can do whatever you desire with the file.  Put it on whatever device and listen even if you are offline.  So think of Podcasting as portable and mobile.  Podcasting is RSS (real simple syndication).


Another thing to think about is this, one keeps you in front of your computer and another is mobile!

I personally would rather take it with me and listen while walking or driving!

So you decide how much time you want to spend at your desk or in front of a screen.


Cheers to your success,

Biz Coach Paula