Happy New Year.
Many people in business think they should only have a business plan if they are going for financing for their business.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!

A business plan is just that…”a plan for your business”.  It should be reviewed annually at a minimum, and maybe even quarterly.  Business plans get your business out from between your ears and onto paper.  This is necessary for several reasons.  First it makes your plan REAL.  It also makes you able to share it with others who can help you create your dream.

Maybe you need to build a team?  Building a team that all works together depends on how well you can articulate your desires regarding the direction you want your business to grow.  You may want to share your plan with your CPA to make financial decisions.  Or you may want to show it to your attorney to prevent any legal matters.  Or you could use it to decide how to market your business.  A business plan is very useful in a lot of ways.

I coached a woman who’s husband was the sole provider for her.  He died, he had no business plan, and everything he used to run his business was still between his ears!  She came to me as a business coach in a desperate attempt to run the business without him.  It was her livelihood.  She did have key people who helped her in the business, but no one really knew his complete plan.
I encourage each of you to write down your plan, it doesn’t have to be elaborate.  There are a lot of simple templates now to guide you through the process of writing one.  The SBA is a great place to start go HERE

May 2018 be your best year yet!

Cheers to your success,
Biz Coach Paula