Are you a feature creature?

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Are you a feature creature?

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Often times when working with small business owners on marketing their businesses they want to list out the features of the product or service they sell to customers.  But clients don’t buy features.  Clients buy results/solutions based on emotions.  They want to know what you can do to solve their problems.
So what is it you truly sell?
Ask yourself the following “what problem do I solve for my client/customer?”
Then ask yourself (or better yet, ask your client) “what is it I really deliver?” or “what does the client/customer actually walk away with after working with me or purchasing from me?”
So rather than listing out the “features of your product or service”.  Tell the client how they will benefit from working with you.  Human nature is to ask “what is in this for me”.  That is how our psychology works as human beings.  So the quicker you can answer that question for prospects and those you work with, the more successful you will be!
An example might be:
Before if you are a life coach, you may have said:  I am a life coach, and I assess which areas of your life aren’t working, and then we work on them.
And after you might say: I work with people who desire to live a fulfilled life by assisting them to acquire life skills and communication skills to have difficult conversations that will give them more confidence to elevate their own position in life.
Once you get good at saying specifically how you can benefit others,  your business will begin to prosper more.
If you need help, discovering exactly what to articulate, call me for a complimentary coaching session to shift from listing features to listing benefits you deliver to your customers and prospects.
Cheers to your business success,
Coach Paula

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