Are you doing your follow up?

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Are you doing your follow up?

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Most Business owners know they need to follow up with people they meet to book time with them, but they have no idea where to start.  They have followed up written on their calendar, but when they get time for it, they really aren’t sure of the activities they should be doing.
They say “the fortune is in the follow up”.  It wasn’t until I got good at following up and booking time with people that my business began to grow.  This was very exciting!
The problem isn’t usually the calling, or even booking the time for phone calls.  The problem is people don’t usually have a follow-up system in place.  It need not be complicated, it’s just necessary to know what activities to do and to have your tools handy so that when your calendar says “do followup” you can spend that time making calls, sending emails, or texting others rather than rounding up tools (business cards, contact info, etc.), and deciding what to do.
I encourage you to put “follow up” in your calendar as a reoccurring event.  Then in the notes section enter names and phone numbers of people you met.   Then call them.  This way the names and phone numbers are handy so you can just sit down and make the necessary calls, rather than trying to find their numbers, contact info, or wonder what you should be doing!
This simple task will fill up your calendar with appointments if you commit to calling people on a regular basis.
Ask and you shall receive.
Cheers to your success,
Biz Coach Paula

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