DEATH~Are you living or dying each day?

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DEATH~Are you living or dying each day?

Watched a pbs special on death and dying.
I believe death is a natural part of life.  We are all going to die.  And yet we spend so much time fearing it, and avoiding death, to the point we forget to live.
No matter what we are doing (living or dying), we need to experience joy and love.  The film had people who died while living their dreams…even though they knew they were terminal, they loved, lived, and experienced joy everyday.
Medical treatments, procedures and technology doesn’t always heal, in fact sometimes it causes harm and death.  Many people die of side affects of treatment or drugs.  Some drugs have worse side affects than the original symptoms the patient was experiencing.
I believe we need to work ‘with our bodies” and often times medical care and treatments dump toxins into our systems…which I believe is not working “with the body’s ability to heal.
Life is about experiencing joy, even if we are dying.
Healing comes when we honor the body’s ability to heal and support our healing system.
I am grateful we have medical care and technology, but I do not believe it can always save our lives.  I believe in trauma situations it can, but in other situations sometimes western medicine does more harm to the body with all it’s tests, and drugs than if we had gone another route.  (prevention, or natural care).
Taking good care of ourselves on a daily basis, feeling joy, reducing stress levels as much as possible, replacing that job we hate with a job we love, exploring how to improve our relationships with those we love, and ending relationships with those who weigh us down are all ways to improve our health and choose to design a life we love.  Not taking actions to change things that are causing us to be unhappy is a choice to die rather than a choice to live.
I challenge you to examine your life.  Take action on one thing today to tweak and adjust what you need to, to feel more joy and LIVE today.
Are you choosing to live each day or choosing to die each day?

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