Are you presenting your business honestly?

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Are you presenting your business honestly?

Last night I spent two hours of my time at a direct sales presentation.  And this was after a one hour coffee meeting with the person who “saw my potential” but was very tight lipped about what she was actually selling.  And another coffee meeting with her “mentor”.  I asked both of them point blank if this was a direct sales company.  Neither of them admitted it at 2 different coffee meetings.  It wasn’t until I came to the “first presentation” that it was revealed to me, yes indeed this is a direct sales company.  Needless to say, I was not happy, and felt “tricked”.  Is this any way to start a business relationship with someone you want to partner with?
The reason I kept asking them if this was a direct sales company is because my gut was telling me it was.  I am a business coach and I want to know what business models people are using in their businesses.  I work with all business models as a business coach including direct sales.  I could have benefited them both greatly if they had only been honest with me.
I just hate it when people feel the need to mislead others to get them to listen to their presentation!  Misleading people is no way to begin a business relationship.  I love direct sales.  I think it is a great stepping stone for people who want to leave their job behind, provided the direct sales company is a match with the individuals values, goals, and needs.
Choosing a business is like choosing clothing.  It must be comfortable and represent you.  You must first believe in the product and have a product testimonial of your own.  Then you must have a “story” of your own as to why you decided on this “cash flow vehicle” for yourself.  If it isn’t a match FOR YOU, you won’t be successful.  If someone else pressures you because they want this for you, it won’t work FOR YOU. So be sure it is a match for you or you are wasting your precious resources: time, energy, and money.
There are many business models.  Direct sales is a great way to cross over from employment to self employment as a first vehicle.  I have been through many business models on my entrepreneurial journey over the past 25 years.  They are all good, but must fit you as an individual and your unique goals.
I learned two lessons:
1  Never doubt your gut when it is telling you something.  I would have saved 4 hours of my time!  (Unfortunately if people will not tell you the truth, they are robbing you).
2  And, never do business with people who start out by being deceptive or not answering your questions directly.  I believe these people can gain wealth, but it will be difficult for them to keep it considering the way they are earning it!
Cheers to truth, authenticity, and your success,
Biz Coach Paula

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