Are you standing in your own way?

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Are you standing in your own way?

My 2017 Health goal is to re-aligning my inner self with what I want to create externally.
How many times do you hear people say…I will be happy when I get that house, that fancy sports car, that beautiful mate, etc.  Setting their sites on chasing something new all the time.  Then when they get that, they still aren’t happy and can’t understand why.
We are programmed to think happiness is somewhere “out there”.  So we are constantly chasing something “out there” in order to be happy.
But what if….happiness is as simple as a decision to be happy and then you bring those things to you by being “attractive”?
What if getting those things is about you being attractive, you doing the work to be exactly who you want to be.  What if you don’t have to “do all those things” to get what you want. What if  you can just “be the change you want to see in the world” as Gandhi said, and do the internal work to be the person you want to be.
My new goal is not to chase happiness.  But to be happiness.  I commit to constant and never ending work on being (not becoming, but being now) the person I want to be.  Sort of a fake til you make it approach.
Recently I was studying how our brain works.  Do you know that the brain doesn’t know the difference between what we tell it and what is actually happening?  So why not tell it what you want, why not “be what you want now”?!  The problem is people think we have to struggle to become,  and that work should be hard.
It was Mother Teresa who said “Don’t invite me to an anti-war rally, invite me to a pro-peace rally.  So rather than focusing on fighting something (resistance-making your life harder than it needs to be & believing you need to struggle), why not just feel good now by shifting your feelings to “feel good”.  Choose harmony and happiness now!
Do you know most people can’t even state what they want and stick to it for more than 17 seconds without thinking competitively or negatively and shooting themselves down in the process!  Comparisons, negative thinking, lack of self esteem, bad programming, defeating thoughts are all keeping us from having what we want.  So this is going to take some practice shifting from resistance/discord to harmony/happiness.  I believe it is possible! And I am going to show you how.
I have gone to “how to” seminars about manifesting what you want outside of you, but guess what…I got home and was still standing in my own way.
Tony Robbins says after working with people all over the world, it all boils down to two insecurities:  “I am not enough” and “I won’t be loved”.  That is it.  So which one is behind all your negative programming? (the crap that happens inside you that says you are not enough or you won’t be loved.)
Want to shift it?  Come with me on a journey through your internal workings.  I will be exploring the “internal world” Starting March 1st.  So if you keep standing in your own way and want to stop it.  Come explore ways to change what is happening inside you to re-align your inner self with what you desire to create on the outside!
Classes will be weekly at Plantation Business Center, in Boise Idaho.  If you are not local, please comment that you are interested in e-classes or videos.  Classes will cover topics in two main categories:First 8 weeks: observing and exploring your inner self & second 9 weeks: taking action to create what you desire.  You can find out more here.
Cheers to your health and happiness,

P.S. Ready for more? I’m here to help you become your future self…for your family, yourself, and your business. It is time to open the door to your success!

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