Dear Practice builder,

Do you have any idea how to get your first client?
So you are just getting started and not sure where to start, but know you don’t want to work for someone else.  You want to be self employed.

Are you having a hard time getting clients to come back after their first visit?
You can get them in for the first visit but they do not come back!

Are you a great therapist, but don’t know where to get your next client?
I am not even sure how to get started building my practice.

Are you considering getting a part time job to support your massage business?
I see people do this all the time, and then their focus is split!  And it makes it even harder to succeed because your time and energy is split between two focuses now.

Are you tired of working for someone else who determines your schedule, overworks you, and underpays you?
Working for someone else leaves your schedule and your pay in someone else’s hands.

Are you having a difficult time getting enough clients to support your practice?
Did you think if I build it they will come?  But now you realize they are not beating your door down to get a massage from you.  Are you wondering where they are going instead?

Are you making more money than you are earning paying for overhead?
Graduating from massage school never taught you how to build a business.  They taught you how to master hands on.  But now you must learn how to get more clients in the front door of your practice than expenses and overhead going out your back door.  And, unless you have an unlimited amount of capital to pull from, you better get started fishing for new customers right now!  The clock is ticking, and your capital/start up money will not last forever.

If any of the above sounds familiar, then you are in the right place!  It is time to learn what is missing for you to live a life with a thriving practice that makes as much money as you desire, and serves as many people as you desire to bring value to.

If you decide to implement the things you will learn in this course, you will attract all the right clients, as many as you want, and be able to truly enjoy being a successful massage therapist with a wonderful practice.

But before I show you my course allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Paula Lenz Kerr.

The first time I thought about becoming a massage therapist was in 1991 when I decided to drop back to part time at my full time corporate job and  enrolled in massage school.  I talked to my dad about it, and his comment was “why would you quit a good corporate job with benefits to do something weird like massage?”  Wow!  Thanks for your vote of confidence Dad, I thought to myself.  But then I said, “well dad, you do the math;  If I work 4 hours in a day at $50 per hour (the going rate in 1991 for massage)  I will make $200 in a day and still have half the day left to be with my family when I have kids”.  At the time I was paid about $9 per hour for an 8 hour day totaling $72.  I felt very strongly about being called to massage therapy as a way of helping people to lower their stress levels, and I felt called to the occupation as a therapist.  I was married at the time but had no children yet.

I enrolled in school and once I graduated I started my massage practice and continued to work my job part time as I built my practice.  I replaced my corporate part time income very quickly, quit my job and never looked back!  I have loved being self employed since 1992.

I was a massage therapist from Aug 1992 to Oct 2014. Then I retired my practice after 22 very rewarding wonderful years.  Being a massage therapist afforded me to be home with my son and be my own kid’s mom.  My husband and I divorced when he was 3 years old, and I was able to still be with him and work to make enough money to support the two of us.  My schedule was flexible because I was in control of it, so I could be with him whenever I wanted and was always there when he got home from school.  Massage therapy as a self employed occupation gave me freedom and blessings I never would have dreamed it would.  It was the perfect fit for me, and helped me to live life on my terms and not on someone else’s terms as I did when I was employed by someone else.

During the 22 years in my massage business, I had many other therapists ask me how I got so many clients.  Until I stopped to think about it I never realized I had brought a lot of business skills into my practice with me from the beginning.  I studied general business at Boise State University (prior to my corporate job) and before launching my massage practice I had dabbled in business for years.  I sold direct sales products on the side of my full time job, as well as read a lot of books on selling and business.  I also went to for a coaching certification in Nov 2002 to become a Life and Executive coach.  So what seemed very easy to me, was actually very difficult for other massage therapists who didn’t have business experience as well as traditional hands on training.  Other therapists would tell me how they were having such a hard time getting enough clients on their own, so they would go and work for someone else only to find that someone else would keep a large percentage of the money the client would pay for the massage session.  I knew lots of massage therapists who had another job to makes ends meet besides working as an MT.  But I was so busy with my full time practice I would throw them a few nuggets, but really couldn’t do much for them at the time.  So in Oct 2014 when I decided to retire my massage practice, I decided it was time to assist other massage therapists (and other practice builders who depend on generating their own leads) to grow their practices!  So I wrote down what I did to build my practice, and taught a series of 6 classes in person locally.  My first class had an attorney and a real estate agent in it!  I found out, I am a coach, but I really didn’t want to spend my time teaching. 


So I took the information and put it into an online product I can share with multiple people (which helps more people anyway!) 

Build Your Practice


  • Who should you invite to your practice?
  • How to convert leads into paying clients
  • How to take VIP care of paying clients- great follow up
  • How to ask for referrals from your clients
  • The difference between advertising, marketing, and promoting
  • How to build a practice you will love-
  • How to make every moment matter,
  • Your values list, & are your goals lined up with your values?
  • Your most important list for today to build your practice
  • You can’t please everyone, so go for the 20%
  • Marketing according to your own personality style
  • Building a team of professionals to help you
  • Your best business model
  • Have a target- describe your perfect business
  • Distinctions between advertising, marketing, promoting,
  • Learn to serve rather than sell, nurture relationships to build your business

Bonuses when you buy all 8 modules:

#1  Things to work on with your coach (free list)
#2  Create perspective (free pdf)


Module #1

a: Who is your client (your target market), who you want to invite to your practice, where they go, what they read, how to invite them, networking, enhancing word of mouth.

Module #2

Getting clear on your process,  what are the results you promise, who is your ideal client? inviting the right people, get their contact info so YOU can follow up, getting the financial commitment.

Module #3

Sample follow up plan, follow up is so simple-why isn’t it easy?, playing the numbers, gratitude, possible follow up systems for your business, Low cost/no cost marketing ideas

Module #4

Non-stop referrals program, ask and you shall receive, marketing is not rocket science-it’s magic, sorting contacts, create alliances-your team, some legal stuff

Module 5

Speak their language, help them buy what they need, let them talk, become a master of questions, invite invite invite, take good care of them, be consistent, give them the good service they deserve

Module #6

Your values, your goals-in alignment with your values, your plan, survival skills, prioritizing, when to say no, your dash, your exit strategy

Module #7

Your values, your goals-in alignment with your values, your plan, survival skills, prioritizing, when to say no, your dash, your exit strategy

Module #8

Your values, your goals-in alignment with your values, your plan, survival skills, prioritizing, when to say no, your dash, your exit strategy

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“Practice Building-Class #2 follow up system”

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“Practice Building class #3 Turning Prospects into Paying Clients”

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“Practice Building Class #4 Taking care of clients”VIP’s, repeat business, & biggie sizing it

Plus “turning clients into raving fans” (pdf) – $197

 “Practice Building Class #5 Asking for referrals and gift certificate sales”

Plus “my referral rewards system” (pdf) – $197

 “Practice Building Class #6 How much should I charge for my services”

Plus “questions to answer to decide how to set the right prices” (pdf) – $197

 “Practice Building Class #7 Selling vs serving”

Plus “learning to speak a new language to prospects”(pdf) and Excel Program – $197

 “Practice Building Class #8 Building a business you love”

Plus “Planning To Succeed In Your Business” and Excel Program – $197