"Busy" is such an overused word

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"Busy" is such an overused word

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It seems nowadays when I ask people how they are, the most common word I get in return is “busy”.  The word busy just conjures up so many things in my mind like…
Why are so many people so busy?
What are they busy doing?
Are they getting anywhere being so busy?
Does having a busy life makes them more important than me?
Why not use other words that are more empowering?  Like “productive”?
Is this their way of putting off getting together because they simply don’t want to but can’t say “no”?
Is what’s “important” in their life being superseded by what is “urgent”?
Can they even “prioritize and focus” on what they want or are they just busy being busy?
Just thinking about being “busy” and hearing all about this makes my head swim and creates anxiety.  Is that what it is designed to do?
I want to challenge people to stop saying how “busy” they are and come up with a different word when they respond to someone asking them how they are doing.  Here are just a few MORE EMPOWERING WORDS to choose from:
What are you really feeling when someone asks you “How are you?”
Responding with a more empowering word lifts yourself up and lifts them up as well.
What will you say next time someone says “How have you been lately?”
Cheers to your health and good self-care

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