But what should I eat?

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But what should I eat?

All my life I have struggled with my weight being too high.  I have been told what NOT to eat, exercise more, eat less.  Don’t eat fat, don’t eat carbs/starches.  Don’t eat sugar or white flour.  The list goes on.  Watch your portion sizes.  Count calories; but is a calorie from a candy bar the same as calories from a big salad?  Anyway all the information was exhausting and confusing.  I have swam through it all my life seeking the answer for my body to hold onto less fat.
Then there is the exercise end of it: I have worked out diligently only to find out I moved too much and in the wrong ways to create my desired out come!  It has all been very confusing.  I have hired personal trainers who were like army drill Sargents, did Jazzercise 6 times a week for 9 years,  walked, lifted weights, and exercised with every new gadget out there, only to watch my body get fatter!
Recently I went through the Nutrimost program.  I must say it is the healthiest program I have been through (and I have tried a ton of them) but Nutrimost actually worked for me.  Long story short, I have learned through this program WHAT TO EAT.  So here it is….this is what has produced results for me (I am down 30 lbs of fat/not muscle). My body composition (weight, fat %, hydration levels, bone mass) are all improving so I am not only reducing, but I am getting HEALTHIER at the same time!  I now know I am on my way to becoming a slender and healthier person (if I stick to the good nutritional and movement habits they taught me in this program).
Here’s what I eat now:  Breakfast lunch and dinner consist of 4.5 oz of protein (this is the right amount for my 118 lbs of lean muscle mass not to decrease, your amount of protein may be more or less than mine depending on your amount of lean muscle) and lots of veggies (as much as I want), I eat a serving a fruit twice a day with nuts or seeds.  I eat good fats: coconut oil, olive oil, flax seed oil, nuts, seeds.  I eat Braggs Apple cider vinegar and olive oil on my salads, Braggs Amino Acids (replaces soy sauce), Coconut Aminos (great flavoring for cooking), Premier Pink Sea Salt (replaced my Morton table salt), Dried green beans for snacking (winco bulk foods are best in place of chips and they are really delicious), and I cook with coconut oil for hot stuff (and use Olive oil cold).  So here is a typical day of eating for me:
Breakfast:  eggs with mushrooms and onions (any kind of protein and veggies, cooked in coconut oil with premier pink sea salt).
Lunch:  Big salad with as many veggies as I want and some protein (chicken, tuna, taco meat or whatever I have) with olive oil and Apple cider Vinegar and Premier Pink Sea Salt.
snack: apple and handful of almonds (or an orange and cashews, or a fruit smoothie with cherries and almond milk, you get the picture, think fruit with nuts or seeds)
Dinner: grilled (usually on my George Forman) chicken breast, buffalo patty, elk hamburger, beef steak, or whatever lean protein sounds good, with steamed or sauteed veggies on the side (as many as I want).  I use lots of spices for variety, lots of different proteins, and lots of different veggies too.
Dessert: Fruit or a fruit smoothie (between dinner and bedtime).  I sometimes ad protein if I didn’t get my 3- 4.5 oz servings in during the day.
Rarely I have starches (usually potato, rice or oatmeal when I do)  but I get most of my carbs from fruits and veggies instead, because starches can cause my weight to go up as much as 2 lbs in a day!  I stay away from “man made starches” like bread and pasta, and stick to “God grown” starches as my general rule).  Bad Salt (table salt, salt restaurants use) also affects my weight dramatically and I feel bloated and tight when I go out to eat because of the it.  So I order everything salt free, then I use my own premier pink sea salt that is actually chalked full of minerals, iodine, iodide, and doesn’t make me bloat (it’s actually friendly to the body and reduces swelling/bloat).
Not only have I lost fat, but my body is changing.  The same clothes I wore at the same weight before fit me differently/better and are more comfortable.  The shape of my body is changing.  And this has all been without exercising heavily (I walk, and do 10 minute work outs only 3 times a week, but no more hour long aerobic classes that beat me to a pulp!).  I thought I had to exercise heavily and for long periods of time to change my shape, but I was wrong.  Healthy foods and short intense workouts that don’t raise my cortisol levels and wack out my hormone balance are changing my shape.  I meet people I haven’t seen in a while and they look at me and tell me I look younger than the last time they saw me. My clothes are more comfortable and I have gotten rid of my fat clothes now.  My “skinny jeans” are not too big!  It is really fun to get healthier.  I have always wanted to live a long life and I knew food and movement were key, but I couldn’t seem to find the right combination for my body until now!
Here’s what I avoid: processed foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, white flour, prescription drugs/over the counter drugs and caffeine, and  cleaning products and cosmetics with chemicals in them (they are toxic to our bodies).
So there it is in a nut shell.  Eat right, and move right, and your body responds in kind.  It took me to age 52 to figure it out, but I know I am on my way to being the most healthy and fit I have ever been, and Nutrimost made it SIMPLE for me.  I had a lot of the pieces of the puzzle, but they put them all together into the entire picture for me!  Although I must say it isn’t always easy avoiding the processed sugar and crap out there that is called food but doesn’t really nourish our bodies.
Cheers to your health,

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