Coaching for Practice Builders

Coaching For “Practice Builders” in Health & Fitness Industry

  • Increase cash flow and create steady profits
  • Learn marketing and business skills
  • Get the word out about your business and find new customers
  • Create an action plan for growing your business
  • Boost clarity about your business vision and big projects
  • Experience motivation and accountability
  • Manage your time wisely
  • Prioritize your tasks so you know what to do first
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed


Are you a chiropractor, nutritionist, acupuncturist, alternative healthcare doctor, massage therapist or any other health care or fitness professional who is great at what you do but don’t have enough clients to earn a living? (I have even worked with real estate agents, and attorneys too, because they are practice builders too.)

Do you operate a business in the health, fitness, wellness industry? Are you seeking guidance from an industry expert to ensure your business is a success? Are you tired of trying to figure it all out yourself? If you answered yes, Business Coach Paula is your answer.

“Hi, I am Coach Paula and I have transitioned from being a sports massage therapist of 25 years with a very successful practice (because I had a business/marketing college education first) to teaching practice builders how to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

“Masterful coaching involves helping people transform themselves, their communities, and their world. It involves impacting people’s visions and values as well as helping them re-shape their way of being, thinking, and actions. It involves challenging and supporting people in achieving higher levels of performance, while allowing them to bring out the best in themselves and those around them. It means going through a deep learning process that results in embodying new skills and capabilities. Masterful coaching involves expanding people’s capacity to take effective action.

~ Robert Hargrove, Masterful Coach, 1995

When you choose to work with me as your coach, we meet weekly via the telephone to put systems in place and learn new skills to improve your practice. Give me a call at 208-336-9306 to book your free consultation so we can discuss how I can assist you with your business.