Depression-my personal philosophy

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Depression-my personal philosophy

Yeah, I can relate….I have had times in my life when my “get up and go” actually got up and went.

My belief about that is this… (which by the way is almost always not the worlds belief or our medical care systems belief).

Here is my theory: Depression is our body’s physiological response to a decision we need to make but are not making, or our response to a situation that needs changed but we continue to put up with it.

IE: back when my exhusband and I were not getting along. He said I was depressed, so I went to the doctor and the doc gave me a test, and then said “yes you are depressed”…and gave me medication. So I took the medication but we still didn’t get along. So now I was on medication which numbed me out so I didn’t feel the pain of not getting along. (how did this change my problem?) I didn’t want to be on drugs. I wanted to be happy and alive rather than unhappy and numb. I still needed to make a change to solve my problem.

Soon as I faced the decision/problem that we are not getting along and we needed to do something about it and took action to “create change in my life and move myself toward “being happy and alive again” I didn’t need the drugs or feel depressed! I began to  take action to create change and move myself toward happiness again and away from misery.

Think of the word “depressed” it even sounds like holding back happiness. Ask yourself “what am I pushing down inside of me? Denying myself? withholding from? Ignoring but it is still there? (like and elephant in the room, but no one else sees it but me!)

This is what worked for me. It took me a long time to arrive at making a true change, but I still think had I stayed in my situation I may have died. So now everyday when I wake up I decide if I am going to spend my time today living or dying?  Only you know what works for you, no one else knows what moves you toward happiness and away from misery but YOU!

I believe in sending myself “living messages” DAILY rather than sending myself dying messages this is a way to move myself closer to happiness and further from misery. So now I consciously choose to send myself living rather than dying messages EVERYDAY and that philosophy seems to work well for me.

I don’t know if my way makes since for you only you can decide what works for you. I am just sharing with you what works for me.

I hope you begin to send yourself loving, kind, living messages today. Choose to be healthy….while keeping in mind if you do slip and eat the ice cream, just enjoy it and then start again…..DO NOT FEEL BAD about eating the ice cream. You will still move toward health as long as you don’t eat ice cream every day! But the last thing you need is to do is feel bad about it. Just get up and do the hokey pokey! And be happy! And start again. That is the great thing about life….it isn’t like baseball three strikes and you’re out! You get as many chances as you need to turn yourself around.

Only worry if you eat the ice cream EVERYDAY!

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