Feeling a bit lost or worried? Consider reigniting your creative passion!

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Feeling a bit lost or worried? Consider reigniting your creative passion!

It seems an old reality is exiting and a new reality is being created.  From the down economy to a spiritual perspective hearts ARE coming together.

Our money woes, job loses, housing troubles and etc are causing some very positive affects on us.

I have noticed people are getting much more creative (particularly about making money), they are pulling together (to create community), and are having much deeper conversations with each other about things that before our economy tanked would have been viewed as voodoo subjects.

On a global level, we are discussing possible BP solutions, going green, better ways to generate power, and electric vehicles.  I don’t know if you have noticed these things, but I have.

Sometimes when people think it is doom and gloom…it can actually be doom and boom! Did you know that more millionaires have been made from a down economy than any other time?

Now is the time to “position yourself” for the next big wave (no matter how far out that might be right now).

I spoke with a dear client of mine last week who said ” I just do things a little differently now, then I had planned before.  Instead of traveling the world in my retirement, I am sticking closer to home and spoiling my renters more to keep them in my properties, and finding I really am enjoying it.”

Last week I personally dropped $645 dollars into a car repair that I had saved up for a little summer fun…and a friend of mine said…but you can still have fun this summer, you will just do it differently.  And the truth is I was a bit bummed about watching my savings dwindle as many folks are doing right now.

But, it is never about what is happening to us, but rather “how we handle what happens to us!”  So I decided and committed to being grateful I had the money for the car repair, and to having fun anyway this summer…I will just need to be more creative about it now.

So my point is…be creative.  We need to stop sitting around feeling the woes of our situation and empower ourselves (and others) to get out and do something about it.

We can do something as small as inventing new ways to have some summer fun, or we can do something big and go green.  And there are varying degrees of things in between.  So let’s redirect our energy from worry to creative invention.

I was facebooking my son this morning who is staying with his dad right now since school is out and he created a new google page that was fantastic. I told him he should submit it to google and maybe they would like it and pay him!  It was a combo of his yoyo passion and his love for photography….and it was creative and inspiring!

Happy creating!  (why waste your energy worrying?)
Coach Paula

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  1. I agree with creative ways of having fun. There is an ‘Abundance of fun,’ out there. It depends on how we choose to connect with it and gratitude about our situation is the way. I like the story about you being grateful for having the money to repair the car versus upset about taking money out from summer account. Glass is either half full, or half empty. Its how we choose to look at it.
    Great writing Paula.

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