Find a better substitute!

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Find a better substitute!

My new health policy is to find the worst health habit I have and go on a mission to find a better substitute.
For example if drinking diet soda is your downfall, find something you enjoy drinking in its place that tastes better to you.  This was my fiancee’s challenge.  So I bought cola flavored stevia drops and plain soda water.  After drinking this for a while he ran out of soda water one day and decided to put the Cola stevia drops in plain water and happily discovered he actually liked that better than in the soda water!
As for me…I stopped eating bread years ago, because when I ate bread it made my digestive system miserable!  Now I make Coconut flour and psyllium tortillas and use them in place of bread.  (see recipe here:
This didn’t happen overnight.  I went from eating bread, to substituting tortillas and crackers in place of bread.  I tried all kinds of gluten free stuff that tasted terrible!  But since gluten wasn’t my problem (I think it was the yeast) I just swore off of foods that had yeast in them.  I did a yeast cleanse, but every time I would eat anything with yeast my digestive tract felt terrible.
I am happy to say Psyllium and coconut tortillas is a great replacement for flat bread/ or tortillas and tastes delicious, is easy to make, and makes my body and digestive system happy.
So I would encourage you to take a look at your nutrition program and decide what needs replaced with something better. This is much easier than “giving something up”. It is difficult to change habits, or to give things up, so don’t!  Just find a better substitute!
Cheers to your health,

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