Growing Pains

I have felt your pain! Yes I have been where you are now...

 I have been a business owner since 1992, so I do understand your pain.  Because I know how hard it is for business owners to build a practice (which is why most of them work for someone else at a much lower hourly rate).  It seems everyone out there is selling a piece of what you need, but who can tell you how to put all the pieces together to build a successful practice?

How do you know which pieces you have in place and which ones are still missing?  One person can teach you to brand your business, another can help you figure out your ideal client, but none of this is making your phone ring with clients who are lining up to come in your front door and pay you money.  Meanwhile your start up money is dwindling and your working a part-time job on the side to pay the business overhead, and you don’t even have time to run your business because you are so busy taking care of the few clients you do have and working part-time! 

If you built it and they didn’t come, yet.  You need a consultation with me to decide if you have all of the building blocks in the foundation of your business, before you build a business on quicksand!  I see so many people growing their business before the foundation is even in place!

Lets make sure yours is in place before it all topples over on you and your efforts are wasted, not to mention your capital is spent!  If you don’t have an unlimited amount of capital, then you better be learning to get people in the front door faster than costs are leaving out the back door of your business.  This means you need to learn to get the word out about your services pronto!

And the real clincher is, there are people out there just waiting to hear from you, that are dying to buy from you and to have you solve their problem!

So lets get you started on the right path to success, with all the stones in place for the foundation of your business. And then when that foundation is set, lets build this puppy sky high and know it isn’t going to fall over.  Go ahead, what are you waiting for?  Open the door to your success!

I decided to become a business coach in 2002, and I specialize in the alternative health and fitness industries: I have business coached yoga studio owners, dance studio owners, chiropractors, counselors, psychologists, realtors, and attorneys all to build their practices.  

I studied general business at Boise State University, and I went to Corporate Coach U for my formal coaching education (most coaches haven’t been formally trained to be a coach).  So you are in good hands.  I hope you come to my blog regularly as I have posted lots of articles and I want to share them with you to help you make your practice more successful and profitable right now!  Even if we aren’t working together yet.  Please share with me your challenges in the comments of my blog, so I can post articles to help you and others like you who come to learn and grow their practices as well.

Cheers to your business success!
Business Coach Paula