History of my coaching Business

Nov 2002 Formal coaching schooling comparable to 1 year of college completed (see transcript of classes) at Corporate coach University International.

Nov 2002 Launch of my coaching practice. (formed:  brochures, business cards, promo materials) and began building my practice.

Feb 2003 Started Soulful Cinema Club

March 2003 Spiritual cinema night published in the Press Tribune (29th of March)  Interviewed by Idaho press-tribune and article written in the community section “Exploring spiritual messages of movies”.

March 2003 Soulful cinema flyer published in Hedra News, LLC mysteriously, never found out who the kind soul was who published it for me.

April 2003 My story Published by Stephen Simon at “moving messages media” under stories that touch our community (now archived).

June 2003 The institute for Spiritual Entertainment is born

Jan 2004 Soulful Cinema Club published again in THR!VE –More press for the group.

Feb 2004 Soulful Cinema Club First anniversary Celebration.

April 2004 Spiritual Cinema circle is formed www.spiritualcinemacircle.com

July 2004 Registered the business name The Royal Treatment Center with the Secretary of State of Idaho’s office.

Nov 2004 TVTV community television Coaching Television spot, taped two shows on the series Spirit@Work, Airs on Cable channel 11 at 10:30 pm on Saturday Night (One on Coaching, one on cinema project.) Click here to watch the video on youtube.

Dec 2004 Spirit at work Books and Beyond was opened in the Hillcrest shopping center.  Alliance with a bookstore was formed to supply coaching workshop support materials and a place to gather for cinema night locally.

Dec 2004 Started Stand up for your Life group at Spirit at Work bookstore.

Dec 2004 Began looking for workshop space/”The Royal Treatment Center” building to house groups and Workshops, a healing/wellness center for Boise Idaho.

Jan 2005 Southwest Idaho Coaches group launches Website for Boise area coaches www.southwestidahocoaches.org  (no longer in existance) Now I belong to and am the Vice President for the Idaho life Coach association, and also attend the Professional Coaches Association

Jan 2005 Formed an Alliance with The Flicks Theatre (Carol Skinner).  To bring the Premiere of Indigo the Movie to Boise sponsored by Soulful Cinema Club (Paula’s local movie group)

Jan 2005 Building found for The Royal Treatment Center (my wellness/ healing center)

A place to gather for workshops, SWIC meetings, cinema night, a salon/spa space, and living on site.  Decided on Virtual site, rather than physical building.

Feb 2005 Starting movie group #2 Based on the book: Talking Pictures-A parents guide to using movies to discuss ethics, Values, and Everyday problems with children.

March 2005 SWIC Event to debut southwest Idaho coaches to the Boise public.

April 2005 What the Bleep do We Know sponsored by Soulful Cinema club of Boise, and Spirit at work books brings Dr. Emotto from the movie to speak in Boise at the Center on the Grove.

2005 KBAR radio program-did a regular monthly segment on a show called “taking care of business”on the Bias for Action show with Michael

May 2005 Featured coach at Southwest Idaho Coaches network. (No longer around)

Sept 2005 My story will be published again by TLC out of Canada.

October 2005 Launched “Lifelines” coaching newletter.

2006 working on Events and up coming workshops

2014 Retired my Sports Rub Massage therapy practice to business coach full time.

2017 “My year in the cave” to transform myself, my own mindset, and to take success to a whole new level of serving others. My own personal transformation to be able to deserve more in my life and business

2018 Pay it Forward™ was born.  My contribution, giving forward. (in the developmental stage)

2018 Bringing coaches together to specialize in “one piece” of building a business.  (happening daily now), building team and associations

2018 Launch of my Product “Your One Thing” to identify what each coach excels at in business.

2019 Working on packaging my knowledge to produce passive income products to affect more people than working one on one only.  Playing large!  Serving more people, and delivering more value with my business