How we can get started working together

The coaching process works like this, step by step…

You express an interest in knowing more about coaching. (by calling me at 208-336-9306 or emailing me to book a date and time to talk)

I e-mail you additional information (about coaching and how I work with people and what you can expect)

You read the information I emailed, and jot down any questions you have (for the “information session phone call”)

We set up an appointment to answer your questions from the information I emailed you

Informational Session phone call (15 minute phone call) about the coaching process, how it works, or my credentials.

30 minute complementary coaching session (this is all about you, and where you are and what challenges you are facing with your personal or business life).

Welcome packet is emailed out to prepare client for beginning the coaching process.

Initial Consultation (usually 1.5 -2 hours) Focus, goal setting, end in mind, break it down into a step by step road map to get there, and decide on step one of the process. This is about where you are going and how I can support and encourage you to stay in action to be accountable to yourself to complete the process. Then, the real work and coaching begins.

A regular weekly session (by standing appointment) This is where we move step by step through the road map, making adjustments and tweaking the plan as needed. As long as the plan is working, we go step by step. If circumstances change, or things aren’t going as planned, then we make the necessary adjustments as we go. The regular session has a general format that we follow for each phone call to assure we are staying on track and accomplishing what we set out to do each week. There is a pre-coaching form you will fax me 24 hours in advance of each weekly phone call to let me know the topic of discussion for that day. Then a post coaching form lets me know how you think we did in that session (feedback). You are responsible for the content/agenda. I am responsible for the process and structure we work within.

Celebration! Six months to 3 years down the road we look back and celebrate the change in your life. Seeing what you have created as a result of staying in action, and holding yourself accountable with a little help from your coach at times (ie: a gentle yet firm kick in the behind from time to time). I get to well up with tears like a proud parent at a soccer game where her kid just kicked the winning goal and we set some new goals to take it to the next level, or part and go our separate ways since you probably know by then how to coach yourself as well as others around you too.