Is everyone you meet a life coach?

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Is everyone you meet a life coach?

Recently I read this article by Adam Smiley Poswolsky – The problem with life coaches.

And I am observing the same thing locally.  EVERYBODY is a life coach, and I guess anyone can be due to our lack of regulation currently in the industry.  So then the question becomes…


  • First, their focus is on CLIENT (not them self)
  • Second, the coach knows exactly “who they are” and “what they have to offer you”.
  • Third, their OFFER is totally UNIQUE TO THEM.
  • Fourth, they have A CLEAR PROCESS they can take you through to get you there too!

People who haven’t mastered something, cannot teach you to master it!

So when you are looking for…

a coach, a consultant, a counselor, or a mentor look for someone who has mastered what you are embarking on.  If all they do is talk about themselves and how successful their own life is, rather than put the focus on you and your personal growth, run!  Life is never perfect, we all know that.  And anyone who professes to “have it all together” is well….lying.  We all will have things to work on until we die.

To help you find the right person even further here are some distinctions.  Some coaches aren’t really even coaches and would be better off telling people they are one of the following if they do not fit into the coaching description.

Here are distinctions between them:

  • Coaching
    The Coach’s primary attention is on strengthen the client’s wisdom, thought processes, and directed action toward the future, based on the client’s self-identified agenda. A supportive and non-judgmental environment is created in which to inquire, challenge, and stimulate critical thinking and new ways of being, thinking, and acting, often resulting in new behaviors applicable to the client’s whole life. Coaches are paid to ask questions to evoke the right answers for you, from you, to help you move forward toward your goals.
  • Counseling (Therapy)
    The Counselor’s focus in or addressing a personal issue with client, often related to emotions, attitude or behavior. Counseling therapy may include asking thought-provoking questions similar to those used in coaching. The emphasis however is on applying principles of mental health, holistic lifestyle, psychology and human development to address wellness, personal growth, behavioral change or emotional well-being.  Counselors are paid to help you heal from your past events and to remove barriers that are holding you back.
  • Managing
    The Manager’s primary attention is on achieving specific organizational results through their direct reports. To that end, they will direct and support their subordinates and develop them through performance feedback where coaching skills may be used. Managers are paid to run the company, deal with employees, and to make sure the company is successful and profitable.
  • Mentoring
    The Mentor’s primary attention is on imparting wisdom to a less experienced individual by taking an active interest in their development. A less experienced individual learns from someone who is literally and/or metaphorically older and wiser and has worn the same shoes and traveled a similar path. Mentors sometimes get paid, and sometimes not depending on the nature of the relationship.
  • Consulting 
    A Consultant’s primary attention is on helping an individual achieve personal or organizational results through the application of their specific expertise where they advise the client on the best course of action for achieving desired goals. Consultants may or may not also be charged with transferring knowledge or a skill set to their client.  Consultants are paid to provide answers to questions.
  • Training
    A Training and Development Professional’s primary attention is the successful transfer of specific information or skills to a group of individuals in which individual learning needs may or may not be addressed. Trainers often use a co-active approach and coaching skills. Trainers generally are paid to train a group of individuals, or one individual who needs to acquire more skills to help them with a specific task, situation, or job position. Most trainers are paid by the company to come in and train employees.

So first decide what you want, and then decide which individual best suits your needs, and then interview 3 individuals in that catagory (3 coaches, 3 counselors, or 3 consultants) to see who is the best fit for you to get what it is you need.

Cheers to finding your “right person” who specializes and has mastered what you are now embarking on and can help you through this stage in your life!

Cheers to your success,

Coach Paula

P.S. Ready for more? I’m here to help you become your future self…for your family, yourself, and your business. It is time to open the door to your success!

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