Mindset & Silence

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Mindset & Silence

by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Lately it seems mindset & silence have been high in my consciousness.  I read the book Think and Grow Rich, and participated in a mastermind group for a while.  I have read Change your Mind, Change your life, and now I am receiving emails on mindset advice all over the place.  I don’t know if this is a trend or if I am currently attracting this in my own life…but no matter, because I pay attention when something shows up in multiples in my life.

For a year or more I participated in a group called the Mendicant Project.  The gentleman who founded the group Duffy has now passed and I do believe it was his dying wish to pass this knowledge off to others.  There were hundreds of people who came through to participate in this project over the year I was in the group.  I met some really amazing people and still have connections with a few today.

The group was based on the work done by ‘The Language of the Subconscious Mind’ based upon research conducted by Dr. Hornell Hart in the late 1960’s at Duke University and Ohio State University.  We listened to CD’s made by the founders of our group and his team on how to succeed and also raise your self confidence.  It seems the theory was the subconscious mind controls everything behind the scenes…so what we think consciously makes little difference; it is our subconscious mind controlling things in the background.  So what we put into our subconscious mind is where we can create the changes.  Like a software runs your computer.  Programming runs deep.

Last night I had an interesting conversation with my teenage son.  It seems his generation just knows on some innate level what they are here to do (or at least he does).  I find it very interesting to hear him talk and share his ideas on the mind and how it works for him.

I do know that my mind has worked both for me and against me in my life time.  I also find meditation and quieting the mind useful in order to create enough space or silence to hear what my spirit is calling me to do on a soul level in my own life and spiritual practices.   When I do not take time for silence, I am not still enough to listen, and my life seems to veer off course.

When coaching others one of the things I like to find out about people is how much time they spend alone doing nothing.  We are such a “doing” society with so much emphasis on the “to do” list.   But where is the value in just “being”  After all, we are human beings, not human doings!  Shouldn’t we stop, and listen to our own gut, mind, soul or simply silence once in a while to guide us in our lives.  After all, no one knows better than you what is best for yourself.  Sitting in silence is where most of my best answers have come from.

Mindset is key to focus, and focus is key to actions that create results.  If we don’t know how  to focus, we can’t grow what we want to create.  And without silent time, we cannot truly listen to our own “wise self”.  We also need silence to make calm and rational decisions about what direction to take.  I do really believe the saying “what you think about you bring about” and “what you focus on grows”.

If you haven’t spent time in silence lately, I encourage you to do so.  Stop and listen, do nothing for a while.  Amazing things can happen to your mindset, your life, and your attitude.  I have found the best place for me is out in nature in silence, or in a quiet room with no interruptions….early in the morning or late at night when the rest of the world is least likely to flood in.

Cheers to your success,


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