Negative thoughts? Just Shift!

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Negative thoughts? Just Shift!

Ok the other day I was having a really hard time with my thoughts/attitude!  Everything that was happening between my ears was negative thinking!  Yes, me….life coach Paula.  I thought man I can hardly stand this anymore.  If I had a coach I would have called her!  Oh yeah I am the coach…so I decided to take my own advice and just shift.

So after I had had enough time on my own pity potty, I decided enough was enough.  I got out my Biggest Loser 80’s Hits cd, and my mini trampoline and rocked out while jumping on the rebounder (which is also good exercise by the way).  Doing this shifted my whole being.
Rather than thinking about what wasn’t working in my life, I shifted to “what I CAN DO to move forward”.  I came up with a whole lot of new ideas to move myself, my life, and my business forward.
So next time your mind is spiraling downward and your thoughts are torturing you, and you need a vacation from yourself.

Just shift!

Put on some good music, and change your body position dramatically.  Turn your thoughts, your body, and your mindset in a better direction.  Ward off the doom and gloom, and create doom to BOOM.
Cheers to your success!
Coach Paula

P.S. Ready for more? I’m here to help you become your future self…for your family, yourself, and your business. It is time to open the door to your success!

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