by Pexels by Pixabay

Keep in mind that every time you do anything to touch someone, you are serving that person with value and giving them a chance to get to know you better so they can see what you deliver is what they need.
People do business with people they know, and trust.
So how do you choose?  Well…
Newsletters are great for staying connected with already existing clients and educating them.
While blog posts are easier to share and pass forward to acquire new clients.  They are indexed by google so if you write about something specific, and others google that topic your article will pop up for them to read.
When you write a blog post someone has to discover your post, while newsletters are sent out to your existing email list.
With a newsletter you can build an engaged audience.
I say do both because you want a constant stream of new clients, as well as taking very good care of and educating your already existing clients!
Cheers to your success,
Biz Coach Paula