You can bring out the reality of another just by asking simple life-changing questions that make us gather the truth about ourselves. You encourage others to consider and accept new ideas and you are non-judgmental you have truly changed my world Paula and I love you for it!
You helped me through the depression by helping me feel better about myself and helped me realize I can do it (help myself). Some of the tools I still use from our sessions: I pray to my God and ask for help, this is how I incorporated him into my life again daily and he is helping me more through prayer. It wasn't new, you just brought it back home for me. I made a list of to-do's for my husband and he was amazing (turns out he can't read my mind).
I initially reached out to Paula to assist me in developing my Tarot reading business. With her help, I discovered a real need to first address psychological, emotional, and intuitive development. With Paula's deep spiritual connection and a wealthy toolbox of knowledge, she led me through a rapid transformation toward self-love, self-enjoyment, and self loyalty. My journey with Paula has been filled with fun, tears, excitement, and laughter. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you, Paula! I look forward to continuing the journey.
Paula is a wonderful, heart led woman and experienced business coach. She is insightful as well as knowledgeable and helped me gain clarity as I navigated my becoming process. She was a valuable piece of my journey to narrowing my niche market and finally identifying my ideal client.
This morning’s talk was very helpful to me and I can really see that working with you will keep me on track, for which I’m way grateful.
Paula has the biggest heart! She lives out her passion authentically, no matter what. Paula’s coaching style is truth-telling seasoned with love. I always left sessions with Paula hearing exactly what I needed to in order to challenge me. Paula gives just the right balance of tools, strategies, support, and empowerment. She helped push me to the next step in my business and supported me as my confidence grew. I recommend Paula as your business coach if you are willing to be stretched, challenged, taken to a new level of success. If you are ready to blossom, she is your gal!
Where do I begin?! There are too many profound ah ha moments and life-changing realizations as a result of my relationship with this truly amazing woman I can’t pick just one. If you’re considering using Paula as your business coach, you will be making a choice that will profoundly help you on your journey. However, if you’re really dialed in, you’ll have already realized you’re getting so much more than a coach. You’re getting an advocate for your happiness. That gift is priceless. I love you, Paula. Thank you for everything you have, and continue to give me. I am profoundly blessed to have you in my life. xoxo
During my first 8 years in business I was not really thriving. Even though I was working hard on my business, most of my efforts were haphazard, and often I didn’t know what to try next. I was frustrated. Then I met Paula. It didn’t take long before she helped me identify what I had been doing wrong. She has helped me over the past several months to follow simple daily and weekly routines that keep the clients coming in! She showed me how to change my mindset from one of neediness and quiet desperation, to one of optimism and putting the focus on the client’s needs instead of my own. Paula helps me get past mental blocks that hinder my progress. She is always supportive of my efforts and cheers me on when I get discouraged. Thanks, Paula, for helping me turn my business around!
Dear Paula. Thank you for the gift you have given me through much more than your coaching. I have taken the concept of letting go, which I’ve preached for years, and turned it into an action step. It is now real in my life thanks to your caring heart, words of compassion, understanding and wisdom. Thank you for the skill of getting to the core. Although I’ve moved in and out of living this truth of letting go, it feels that Spirit desperately wants me to hear it – NOW. It is so real to me–I have tasted it as truth. I am so grateful. Thank you immensely.
I think of you often and hope you are doing well. I know I would not be in my own life where I am now — personal, business, spiritual — if it wasn’t for you. I treasure our coaching journey experience. Something else I have learned about myself (much from your techniques and tools) is that I am a very creative person, especially in the area of dance/performing arts. I have always loved dancing, but as I got older (and added a few pounds), I lost interest. I have started to experiment with various types of dancing through workshops and community events, and felt that same excitement and sense of fulfillment as I did as a child. I am taking ballroom dance lessons with my husband, and signed up for belly dancing (oh my gosh!) lessons in a few weeks. It’s very liberating to try on these different forms of expression. I am taking care of a few business things, and I know that I will be using your resources as a life coach in the future. I promise to keep you posted.
Realtor Florida
I highly recommend Paula Kerr as a business coach. She has been an excellent resource for my small fitness business. She has helped me immediately by encouraging me establish priorities. She was clear and direct with focus in my difficult areas of marketing and finance, and guided me on the right track without unnecessary steps. I have really appreciated her views on creating short and long term goals that can truly be met. There is joy in her approach and time tested knowledge in her advice. Paula loves her work and her excitement is infectious-you can’t help but be accountable! She makes sense and she makes big steps seem simple. May your business grow beautifully with her assistance,