Unacceptable Behavior~Why are we tolerating it?

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Unacceptable Behavior~Why are we tolerating it?

A few weeks back I was observing all kinds of unacceptable behavior.  Visited a friend in the hospital who had a heart attack and his ex-girlfriend came into the room saw me there and treated him like crap….I could see his heart monitor speed up.  wow!  Now why would someone do that to a man who just had a heart attack?  Things were clearly about her…even with him in a hospital bed.  When will this man use his voice to tell her that was inappropriate?  When will people be kind rather than mean to each other?
Next I talked with a woman who’s boyfriend had cheated on her.  She remained silent…why would a woman do that?  Why would they put up with that?  When will women show up and have a voice?    Why would she put up with deception from him?
Those were both extreme cases, but I also watched how others were speaking to each other in work environments.  When did it become ok not to be polite?  When did it become ok for others to not treat each other with dignity and respect?  What are we doing abusing each other like this?
Then I listened to Bob Proctor on shifting your paradigms.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adVq_wBSsJY
He says it is “awareness”  being aware that we do not have to tolerate others ill behavior, or anything else we do not like.  We have choices, we can shift…but first we must be “in charge of our own voice”…and “in the drivers seat of our own life” and be aware of our own paradigms.
It seems most of us are allowing our old programming/paradigms to run our lives….our paradigm influences our thinking.  If you grew up in a home that only made a certain amount of money for example…then we will make that amount money.    If we grew up with people yelling us, then we will yell at our kids.  If we want to change our results…we must change our paradigms.
If you want to learn how to shift your paradigms…and change certain areas of your life….I have a workshop coming up soon.    Or if you want to call me for a coaching session…because it just can’t wait that long…I am available sooner.  Or you can do both!
Changing your life really is as simple as changing your paradigms….it is like installing new software in your brain where you know you have a virus in the old software.  There is nothing wrong with your hardware.  Come learn how to reprogram your software.  You will be shocked at how simple it really is….I said “simple” not easy….it takes practice and being honest with yourself about where your worms are….so be the observer of your life, decide what you do that you do not like, or that others do not like about you…then learn to change it!
Call me if you want to participate in my workshop!  It will be on a tele-conference bridge…so doesn’t matter where you live.
coach Paula

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