What are neurotransmitter disruptors? And how do they keep me fat?

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What are neurotransmitter disruptors? And how do they keep me fat?

While going through the Nutrimost https://www.nutrimost.com/home.php to lose 33 lbs of fat (not muscle) off my body.  I was educated about neurotransmitter disruptors.  More about those later, but for now my story…
I was so tired of “eating right” and “exercising” to lose weight, and not being able to take off  the pounds!  I didn’t know why I struggled with my weight my entire life.  It just didn’t seem fair.  Everything around me (the media and friends) said “eat less and exercise more if you want to be thin”.  And “eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and move constantly”!
Well I am here to call bullshit on all of that because I finally figured it out and I have now shed 33 lbs of fat! (while eating more and actually exercising less!)  I found the truth for my body, and I have no doubt I am on my way to being healthy and slender for the rest of my life.  I am wondering if my truth could help you as well if you have been struggling with your weight for a while?
So here is what I found.
One key for me was protein at every meal.  My body needs 4.5 to 5 ounces per meal three times per day for my body (some people need less depends on the amount of lean muscle your body has).  Here is my daily nutritional plan.  Protein and veggies 3 times per day (veggies cover 2/3 of my plate).  I eat 1 snack consisting of fruit and 100 calories of nuts or seeds mid afternoon.  And a fruit smoothie for desert every night between dinner and bed.  My diet consists of 1550 calories per day currently, but I am increasing that without gaining weight as my metabolism speeds up.  My proteins come from a wide variety.  I eat everything from buffalo to elk, beef, fish, cottage cheese, the leaner protein and wild caught the better, and I mix it up (don’t eat the same protein twice in a row).
Another key was I didn’t know I was actually so obsessed with exercise.  At one time in my life, I went to Jazzercise class 6 days a week, and I also massaged up to 8 people per day for one hour each.  When I look at the output in energy my body was putting out I should have been consuming a lot more calories than I did!  When I sat down to figure it out, I was working out 41 hours per week!  So what I did was created a deficit for my body which was no different than someone sitting on their ass and starving themselves to lose the weigh!  My body was putting out tons of energy, but I wasn’t fueling it properly.  So I ended up with the metabolism of a 90+ year old.  (the scale on the body comp at Nutrimost only went to 90 years old).  It took my body 4 months of eating properly and not exercising (except walking and stretching) to have my metabolism even show up on the charts!  Holy cow.
Another key for me was “get the toxins out” of my body.  So here it is the comprehensive list to stay away from with the ones I personally elliminated from my diet highlighted: aspartame, nutra sweet, equal, Acesulfame, nutrinova, twinsweet, aminosweet, saccharin, sweet n low, sucralose, splenda, MSG, monosodium glutamate, antidepressants (prozac, wellbutrin, cymbalta,etc.), caffeine, sugar, nicotine, cleaning supplies, pesticides in food (dirty dozen), chronic stress/dysfunction, sleep aids (ambien, lunesta etc.), white flour/junk food, BPA (plastic water bottles), xylutol (small amounts ok), Truvia, purevia, herbacides, antipsychotic medication.  And I thought I was eating healthy and leading a healthy life style!
After clearing these chemicals from my system, slowing down on exercise, and eating protein 3 times per day, I am happy to say I am on my way to a higher metabolism and a healthier body.  I hope what I learned and shared here with you helps you too.
Cheers to your health,

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