What if fat is just a symptom?

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What if fat is just a symptom?

When I read the Dark side of Fat loss. The author says “most people try to lose fat to become healthy. When in fact the exact opposite needs to happen…We must become healthy to lose the fat! What is your goal?
Healthy or to look good? Fat loss or weight loss?

Excess fat is a symptom and beneath every symptom is a root cause. The book uncovers plenty of Why’s…consider this:

Could the sugar cravings you go to battle with every day be due to the four hours of sleep you got last night?

Could that spare tire you can’t get rid of be due to your overbooked schedule and the un-abating anxiety it brings?

Or maybe you didn’t inherit your slow metabolism, could it be the chemical soup clogging up your liver and its effect on your thyroid gland?

The diet books seldom ever broach the topic of WHY you’re fat, tired, or sick. Permanent fat loss requires a lifestyle change. Figure out the cause of why you feel fat, tired, or sick! It is only then that you can end it once and for all with a lifestyle change.

Cheers to your health!

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