What is Truvia?

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What is Truvia?

Lately I have been wondering about all these sugar alternatives.  People tell me that Splenda is good because it is made from sugar.  We have sugar free, fat free, and guilt free everything.  But if it is fat free sour cream…I can’t help but think…”then what the heck is in it?”.
Some of these alternatives for sugar and fat don’t mean they are good for you if they are chemically and genetically altered and your body does not know what to do with them.  And according to my studies, they do not help you lose weight either because your body does not know what to do with chemicals and they build up in your system.  I also believe this may be what is causing so much cancer (artificial sweeteners).  And fat substitutes well if you look at margarine vs butter….well margarine is only a few molecules off from plastic.  Would you eat plastic?
We must make intelligent decisions regarding what we eat, because it does affect our health in the long run.
Here is the link I found on Truvia….it also mentions Splenda.
Cheers to making good healthy decisions and taking good care of your health and body!

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