Which salt do you use?

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Which salt do you use?

The salt you choose can have a big impact on your total health and well being!  A while back I switched from regular white Morton salt to pink Himalayan salt.  I am always looking for better substitutes for things I eat to constantly and never endingly improve my health.

Here are some things I have noticed from making the switch from white table salt to Pink sea salt:

  • pink salt tastes better,
  • has more nutrition, and
  • balances out my body water better (bye bye bloating!)

I have enjoyed more flavorful meals, and no bloating when I do choose to eat more good salt.  I always thought salt was bad for me, but have found out it is only bad salt that is bad for me (white table salt has no nutrition/minerals).

Good salt/pink salt actually has minerals that are good for me and help my body balance out minerals and water weight.

For more information on why salt is one of the most necessary staples for your body (in spite of what we have been told-salt is bad for you), see Dr David Brownstein on you tube.

(If you suffer from adrenal issues watch all of his videos on youtube)

It was such a simple change to make in my diet, and such a huge impact for me that I wanted to share my discovery with you in hopes you will switch to a healthier salt too.
Real Salt  is a good affordable choice, if switching from white table salt to one with more nutrition, but

I personally use: Premier Pink Salt  Yes, it is more expensive, but going to the doctor from not eating healthy is more expensive.  And the way I see it, my health is my number one asset!

Click below to find out more about the difference between pink Himalayan salt and white table salt.


Cheers to your health,

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