Why eat local? Why eat organic?

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Why eat local? Why eat organic?

Between reading the book “French women don’t get fat”, watching Idaho Public Television’s Outdoor Idaho episode “Eating Local” and my own experience with losing 33 lbs recently by “getting the toxins out” of my body.  I am convinced local organic and non toxic is the way to go.
Do you think organic is too expensive? A lot of people still think organic is expensive, but I am convinced not to go organic is expensive to your health and well being!  Besides after reading on what to buy organic and what is fine to buy conventionally it is not difficult or expensive.  Here is a video to help you make it affordable to buy organic: http://www.fullyraw.com/dirty-dozen-clean-15/
Local food is also picked fresh, and available sooner.  Most fruits and vegetables that are picked green, ripened in gas chambers, and shipped long distances, lack the nutritional value we should be getting from our food.  They are also grown in depleted soil often times, or soil that has been sprayed with pesticides.
In the book “French women don’t get fat”, the french eat local, shop daily for what they prepare for dinner, and are much more likely to ride their bicycle or walk to the market to get their food.  They also eat more home-aid yogurt (with no added sugars) which puts probiotics into their gut daily.  This helps with digestion and keeping a healthy internal environment in their digestive system which allows for better digestion and absorption of the food they eat.
Also because of eating clean (without chemicals), the clothes I am wearing (my skinny clothes) actually fit me better than they did when I wore them before!  So my body has taken on a healthier shape as well with better fuel.  So it’s not the same as when I used to diet or starve off a few pounds.
The more I eat local and organic the healthier and more fit I become.  This may sound funny to some people, but I could literally feel my intestines healing when I got all the toxins out and learned to eat clean.  And now when I do eat something chemical, I swear I can feel the poison in my body.  And when I do this, it takes about 3 days to clear my system.   If only I had known this when I was younger!
I challenge you to eat clean as well, and just see how your body changes.
Cheers to your health,

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